The majority of my music is licensed exclusively through this website. Over the years I have evolved a simple way to make my music available, and enable those who wish to use it a fair means of compensating me for my efforts. It is an honor system that depends on you! Please pay for licenses according to your intended use … anything else is unfair and unjust.

Single Copy License

Each song is available in PDF form for $2.95. This allows you to make up to 3 copies for your use. If you need more than three, please buy additional licenses for $2.95 (hint: increase the quantity in your shopping cart), or a choral license, which will work out cheaper for more than 6 copies.

Choral License

If you need to make larger numbers of copies, the C40 Choral license ($19.95) allows you to make up to 40 copies for your choir or event – a very ecomomical option considering the price of buying octavos! Add additional licenses if you need to cover more than 40 copies. The C40 license includes all associated song PDFs – there is no need to buy a separate single copy.

Congregational Licensing

If you wish to make copies of words and melody only for worship aids etc., congregational licensing is administered through

Mechanical Licensing

If you wish to use one of my recordings for your own CD or other project, please contact me and I will help you out directly. Statutory rates for mechanical licensing apply.

Streaming/Podcast Licensing

This is also handled via