Here is a full list of all my completed Liturgical Music titles. As I am in the process of cataloging and. where necessary. updating all this music, the status column indicates how far along each title has progressed, according to the following legend:

This website is a work in progress! With time, more titles will be made available, and of course new music will be added too!

KS-001Mass of St. Peter (AKA St. Jarlath)1985On request
KS-002Psalm 42 – Put Your Hope In God1986On request
KS-003Ave Maria1987On request
KS-004Mass of St. Cecelia1987On request
KS-005Psalm 103 – Bless The Lord1987On request
KS-006Psalm 23 – The Lord’s My Shepherd1987Pending
KS-007Raise Your Voices High (God Is Love)1987Pending
KS-008Take My Hand1987Pending
KS-009The Beatitudes1987Pending
KS-010Your Love Is Real1987Pending
KS-011Come, Lord1987Available
KS-012Veni, Sancte Spiritus1987Pending
KS-013Jubilate Deo1988Pending
KS-014Son Of God1988Pending
KS-016Be Thou My Lord1990Pending
KS-017Dominican Magnificat1990Available
KS-018King of All1990Pending
KS-019Lord Of Light1990Available
KS-020Missa Gloria – A Mass for Ordinations1990Pending
KS-021No Greater Love1990Available
KS-022Psalm 139 – Wings of the Morning1990Pending
KS-023Psalm 130 – Out Of The Depths1990Pending
KS-024People Of God1990Pending
KS-025Psalm 18 – Their Word Goes Forth1990Pending
KS-026Send Us Your Spirit1990Pending
KS-027Sing Gloria I (& II)1990On Request
KS-028Sing Hosannah1990Pending
KS-029Behold The Wood1991Pending
KS-030Canticle of Moses1991On request
KS-031Good Friday Reproaches1991Pending
KS-032Palm Procession1991GIA
KS-033Psalm 103 – Send Forth Your Spirit1991Pending
KS-034Psalm 16 – Preserve Me, O God1991Pending
KS-035Psalm 25 – To Thee O Lord1991Pending
KS-036Psalm 31 – Into Your Hands1991Pending
KS-037Psalm 42 – Like A Deer1991Pending
KS-038Rejoice, All The Earth1991Pending
KS-039This Is the Day1991Pending
KS-040Waters of Life1991Pending
KS-041When Dawn Breaks1991Pending
KS-042Wings Like Eagles’1991Pending
KS-043With Joy You Will Draw Water1991On request
KS-044Mass Of Christ The King1991Pending
KS-045Bread of Redemption1992Pending
KS-046God Is Love1992Pending
KS-047Hymn Of Praise1992Pending
KS-048Joy To The World (Christ Is Born)1992On request
KS-049Music For The Divine Office On The Feast Of St. Dominic1992Unavailable
KS-050The Light of God1992On request
KS-051Prepare The Way1992Pending
KS-052Psalm 991992Pending
KS-053Recreate Us, Lord1992Available
KS-054Canticle of Mary1993GIA
KS-055Go Forth Into the World1993Pending
KS-056In God Alone1993Pending
KS-057Psalm 6 – Let My Prayer Come Into Your Presence1993Pending
KS-058Return With All Your Heart1993Pending
KS-059Sing To The Mountains1993Pending
KS-060Song Of Farewell1993Pending
KS-061Psalm 131 – Quiet In The Lord1996Pending
KS-062Take It To Heart1996Pending
KS-063Psalm 102+145 – The Lord Is Compassion and Love1996Pending
KS-064Psalm 122 – I Rejoiced1997GIA
KS-065Lord Of Creation1997Pending
KS-066Psalm 62 – For You My Soul1997Pending
KS-067Psalm 91 – Be With Me, Lord1997Pending
KS-068St. Joseph Acclamations1997Pending
KS-069Love One Another1998GIA
KS-070Rest In Me1998On Request
KS-071Rite Of Dedication Of An Altar1998Unavailable
KS-072Psalm 51 – A Pure Heart1999On Request
KS-073May The Road Rise To Meet You1999Pending
KS-074O Lord, Do Not Abandon Us1999On Request
KS-075One Bread That Is Broken1999Available
KS-076Spirit, Come To Us1999Pending
KS-077The Bridegroom And The Bride1999Unavailable
KS-078Fling (Celtic Instrumental)1999Unavailable
KS-079The Miracle1999On request
KS-080The Story Of The Loaf1999Unavailable
KS-081You Are Bathed In Fire1999On request
KS-082Psalm 71 – God Of Life2000On request
KS-083Come Let Us Worship2001Pending
KS-084Feast of Ages2001On request
KS-085I Will Sing To The God Of The Universe2001Pending
KS-086Journey’s End2001On request
KS-087Prayer Of St. Francis2001Pending
KS-088Psalm 30 – I Will Praise You Lord2001On request
KS-089Psalm 91 – Be With Me, Lord2001Pending
KS-090Advent Gathering Rite #1 – Year A2002Pending
KS-091Lent Gathering Rite #1 – Year A2002Pending
KS-092And We Will Rise2002Available
KS-093I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day2002Pending
KS-095Don Oíche Úd I mBeithil (arr.) 2002Pending
KS-096Advent Gathering Rite #2 – Year B2003Pending
KS-097Music For The Presentation Of The Lord2003Pending
KS-098Lent Gathering Rite #2 – Year B2003Pending
KS-099Psalm 25 – To You, O Lord (2003)2003Pending
KS-100Psalm 54 – The Lord Upholds My Life2003Pending
KS-101Psalm 110 – You Are A Priest Forever2003Unavailable
KS-102Psalm 78 – Do Not Forget2003Pending
KS-103RCIA Scrutiny Responses2003Pending
KS-104Advent Gathering Rite #3 – Year C2004Pending
KS-105Lent Gathering Rite #3 – Year C2004Pending
KS-106Psalm 146 – Praise The Lord My Soul2004Pending
KS-107Psalm 96 – Proclaim God’s Marvelous Deeds2004Pending
KS-108Psalm 98 – The Lord ComesTo Rule The Earth2004Pending
KS-109Advent Gathering Rite #4 – Year B2004Pending
KS-110Psalm 98 – Today Is Born A Savior2004Pending
KS-111Exodus 15 – Let Us Sing To The Lord2005Pending
KS-112Lent Gathering Rite #4 – Year A2005Pending
KS-113Psalm 112 – The Just Man2005Pending
KS-114Psalm 23 – I Shall Live In The House Of The Lord2005Pending
KS-115Psalm 33 – The Earth Is Full2005Pending
KS-116Psalm 42 – Like A Deer2005Pending
KS-117Psalm 47 – God Mounts His Throne2005Pending
KS-118Psalm 51 – Be Merciful, O Lord2005Pending
KS-119Psalm 80 – The Vineyard Of The Lord2005Pending
KS-120Advent Gathering Rite #5 – Year B2005Pending
KS-121Ave Maria2006Pending
KS-122Chrism Mass Processional2006Unavailable
KS-123Isaiah 12 – With Joy You Will Draw Water2006On request
KS-124Lent Gathering Rite #5 – Year B2006Pending
KS-125Psalm 32 – I Turn To You Lord2006Pending
KS-126Come Away (Song Of Farewell)2006GIA
KS-127Mass Of Our Lady & St. John2006Pending
KS-128Come, O Lord2006Pending
KS-129Advent Gathering Rite #6 – Year C2006Pending
KS-130Canticle of Simeon (Nunc Dimittis)2007GIA
KS-131Lent Gathering Rite #6 – Year C2007Pending
KS-132Psalm 104 – Lord, Send Out Your Spirit2007Available
KS-133Psalm 30 – I Will Praise You, Lord2007On request
KS-134Psalm 98 – Sing To The Lord A New Song2007Unavailable
KS-135Rockford Centennial Hymn2007On request
KS-136Psalm 72 – Justice Shall Flourish2007Pending
KS-137Advent Gathering Rite #7 – Year A2007Pending
KS-138Lent Gathering Rite #7 – Year A2008Pending
KS-139Easter Vigil Baptismal Acclamations2008Pending
KS-140Canticle Of Judith2008Pending
KS-141Advent Gathering Rite #8 – Year B2008Pending
KS-142Lent Gathering Rite #8 – Year B2009Pending
KS-143Psalm 116 – I Will Walk2009Pending
KS-144Let Us Go To The Mountain2009Pending
KS-146Advent Gathering Rite #9 – Year C2009Pending
KS-147Mass Of Hope2009Pending
KS-148Lent Gathering Rite #9 – Year C2010Pending
KS-149Psalm 131 – Let My Tongue Be Silent2010Pending
KS-150Song Of Gratitude2010Pending
KS-151Advent Gathering Rite #10 – Year A2010Pending
KS-152Psalm 96 – Today2010Pending
KS-153Lent Gathering Rite #10 – Year A2011Pending
KS-154Signing Of The Senses2011Pending
KS-155Advent Gathering Rite #11 – Year B2011Pending
KS-156Lent Gathering Rite #11 – Year B2012Pending
KS-157Christus Vincit2012On Request
KS-158Advent Gathering Rite #12 – Year C2012Pending
KS-159Lent Gathering Rite #12 – Year C2013Pending
KS-160The Reproaches2013On Request
KS-161Psalm 51 – I Will Rise2013On Request
KS-162Psalm 121 – Our Help Is From The Lord2013Pending
KS-163Advent Gathering Rite #13 – Year A2013Pending
KS-164You Are The Vine2014Available
KS-165Psalm 62 – Rest In God Alone, My Soul2014Pending
KS-166Psalm 119 – Blessed Are They2014Pending
KS-167Lent Gathering Rite #13 – Year A2014Pending
KS-168Renew Us2014Available
KS-169Child Of Light2014GIA
KS-170Cloud Of Witnesses2014On Request
KS-172Night Prayer (Psalm 84)2014On request
KS-173Misa Santa Monica2014Pending
KS-174Advent Gathering Rite #14 – Year B2014Pending
KS-175Lent Gathering Rite #14 – Year B2015Pending
KS-176Psalm 16 – You Are My Inheritance2015Pending
KS-177Psalm 80 – Lord, Make Us Turn To You2015Pending
KS-178Advent Gathering Rite #15 – Year C2015Pending
KS-179Kingdom Of Mercy2015Pending
KS-180Lent Gathering Rite #15 – Year C2016Pending
KS-181Psalm 34 – Taste And See2016Pending
KS-182Psalm 5 – Lead Me In Your Justice2016Pending
KS-183Psalm 34 – The Angel Of The Lord2016Pending
KS-184Psalm 50 – Remember This2016Pending
KS-185Psalm 116 – One Does Not Live2016Pending
KS-186Psalm 33 – Blessed The People2016Pending
KS-187Psalm 148 – Heaven And Earth2016Pending
KS-188Dueteronomy 32 – It Is I Who Deal Death2016Pending
KS-189Psalm 115 – The House Of Israel2016Pending
KS-190Psalm 105 – Seek Always2016Pending
KS-191Psalm 80 – Let Us See Your Face2016Pending
KS-192Psalm 51 – My Mouth Will Declare2016Pending
KS-193Trust In The Lord2016Available
KS-194Advent Gathering Rite #16 – Year A2016Pending
KS-195Psalm 24 – Let The Lord Enter2016Pending
KS-196Lent Gathering Rite #162017Pending
KS-197St. Meinrad Magnificat2017On request
KS-198Plugged In Bible Camp Songs2017Unavailable
KS-199Psalm 89 – Forever I Will Sing2017Pending
KS-200Psalm 106 – Give Thanks To The Lord2017Pending
KS-201Psalm 135 – Praise The Lord2017Pending
KS-202Psalm 34 – He Hears2017Pending
KS-203Psalm 115 – I Will Walk2017Pending
KS-204Psalm 145 – I Will Praise Your Name2017Pending
KS-205Psalm 91 – In You, O Lord2017Pending
KS-206Psalm 97 – The Lord Is King2017Pending
KS-207Psalm 86 – Lord, You Are Good And Forgiving2017Pending
KS-208Psalm 119 – Lord, I Love Your Commands2017Pending
KS-209Psalm 18 – I Love You, Lord2017Pending
KS-210Psalm 34 – I Wil Bless The Lord2017Pending
KS-211Advent Gathering Rite #17 – Year B2017Pending
KS-212Gospel Joy To The World2017Pending
KS-213Lent Gathering Rite #17 – Year B2018Pending
KS-214Superheros Bible Camp Songs2018Unavailable
KS-215Psalm 97 – Rejoice In The Lord2018Pending
KS-216Psalm 31 – Let Your Hearts Take Comfort2018Pending
KS-217Psalm 132 – The Lord Has Chosen Zion2018Pending
KS-218Psalm 60 – Help Us With Your Right Hand2018Pending
KS-219Psalm 139 – I Praise You2018Pending
KS-220Psalm 145 – The Lord Is Gracious And Merciful2018Pending
KS-221Psalm 85 – The Lord Speaks Of Peace2018Pending
KS-222Psalm 123 – Our Eyes Are Fixed On The Lord2018Pending
KS-223Psalm 19 – The Judgments Of The Lord2018Pending
KS-224Psalm 119 – One Does Not Live2018Pending
KS-225Psalm 90 – Fill Us With Your Love2018Pending
KS-226Psalm 148 – Let All Praise The Name2018Pending
KS-227Advent Gathering Rite #18 – Year C2018Pending
KS-228Lent Gathering Rite #18 – Year C2019Pending
KS-229Psalm 16 – You Are My Inheritance2019Pending
KS-230Psalm 103 – The Lord Is Kind2019Pending
KS-231Psalm 26 – O Lord, Your Mercy Is Before My Eyes2019Pending
KS-232Psalm 69 – Turn To The Lord In Your Need2019Pending
KS-233Psalm 124 – Our Help Is In The Name Of The Lord2019Pending
KS-234Psalm 19 – Your Words, O Lord, Are Spirit And Life2019Pending
KS-235Psalm 105 – The Lord Remembers2019Pending
KS-236Psalm 116 – I Will Take The Cup Of Salvation2019Pending
KS-237Psalm 40 – Lord, Come To My Aid [bilingual]2019Pending
KS-238Advent Gathering Rite #18 – Year A2019Pending