Dominican Magnificat

The Dominican Magnificat was written on a beat up old piano at my cousins house in Montauk, Long Island NY, when I spent a summer working for him at his motel/bar business on a student visa in 1990! Since then it has become a favorite anthem of Dominicans all over the world. Although never published officially outside of Ireland, this song has had a life of its own, has been translated into numerous languages, and performed on every continent (well – maybe not Antartica but who knows!)

I am grateful for the ongoing place this song has had in peoples hearts for going on 30 years now, but because it is unpublished I receive minimal royalties from its success. If you use it and would care to help support my ongoing music ministry, please consider buying a license here, or the sheet music, or audio file … thank you!

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Dominican Magnificat Videos

For a long time I have wanted to collect all the You Tube videos of the ‘Dominican Magnificat’ in one place … and here they are! The quality varies wildly but it is a joy to hear all these people singing this song, or see some of the slideshows created over the years. If you find or know of a video of this or any other song of mine not listed on this site, please let me know!

Zagreb, Croatia, 2015

Franjevački Juniori … Brothers from the Order of Friars Minor at the Church of St. Francis Assisi in Zagreb, Croatia, 2015

South Florida USA, 2020

Barry University Chamber Singers Ensemble (Miami, FL) giving a Virtual Performance of the Dominican Magnificat, 2020

Co. Mayo, Ireland, 2012

Irish singer Brendan McGuinness singing at his brother’s wedding in Bekan, Co. Mayo in 2012, accompanied by the Rattigan sisters from Knock

Murcia, Spain, 2015

From the Mass celebrating 525 years since the foundation of Monasterio de Santa Ana de las Madres Dominicas, in Murcia, Spain, 2015 (in Spanish)

Cainta Rizal, Philippines, 2012

Marian concert at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, 2012.

A more complete version of this performance (but with poorer sound quality) is available here.

Croatia, 2013

Someone created a video of these beautiful images from convent life in Croatia, set to my 2002 recording of the ‘Dominikanski Veliča’!

Dublin, Ireland

‘Altar Egos’ – three young musicians in the Stillorgan area in Dublin who play wedding music (Instrumental)

USA, 2010

Michelle Sherliza, OP, created this prayerful slideshow 10 years ago which has garnered over 41,000 views! The recording is my version from 2002, featuring Breda Barry and Elliot Wimbush on vocals, and Mike Knauf on soprano sax.

Toulouse, France, 2016

An American group singing the Magnificat hymn, possibly at the Couvent de Jacobins in Toulouse, France

Dublin, Ireland, 2017

Students of St. Dominic College in Ballyfermot welcoming the president of Ireland Michael D. Higgins on their 60th anniversary in 2017

Dublin, Ireland, 2013

Had to put this here as it is my mother’s alma mater. She graduated from this high school in the 1950s! The girls of Muchross College sing the magnificat.

And so on …

In order to not make this page too long and heavy with embedded media, here is a list additional videos: